We amplify the voices of those who uphold and
preserve traditional food systems



We are committed to food sovereignty and territorial autonomy of indigenous communities.

Photo Exhibition: Voices of Maize. Cuzco, Perú

May 2017 – We recognize ourselves in maize. As the sacred book of the Maya, the Popul Vuh says, our flesh is made of maize, we are women and men of maize. It is because of this that we envisioned a powerful image of maize uniting peoples across borders and throughout Nations

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The Earth Festival: Calceta, Ecuador

December 2017- 40 workshops teaching new sustainable ways and just to live together: Urban gardens, edible forests, ferments and preserves, Manabita heritage kitchen, alternative currencies, bio-construction, natural cosmetics, etc.

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We are a collective focused on the recognitition, strengthening and distribution of the knowledge/wisdom of the traditional systems of food, maintenance and autonomy of seeds, traditional agricultural systems and local food economies.


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