Interchange of knowlege and seeds in Tlaxcala, Mexico: Sowing Community

October 2018 

For two days representatives of the Nahuatl, Otomies, Ñúu Savis, Mayas and Purhépecha indigenous peoples shared their wisdom and sacred instructions for the time of sowing, based on sharing. Share seeds, knowledge and all the tasks to cultivate, harvest and prepare food, strengthening the good relationship with Mother Earth, food sovereignty and well-being in life.

For indigenous peoples, one of the sacred instructions in sowing time is sharing. Its origin goes back perhaps to the very origin of agriculture and the sharing of work among all.

Cultivating the earth and sowing the seeds in the soil has led to the long history of sowing community among indigenous peoples, weaving bonds of identity around the vital need to feed ourselves, not only nourish our bodies but to connect with the spirit of the seeds, of the water, the air, that make it possible for our Mother Earth to provide us with sustenance.

With this sacred understanding, the meeting for the exchange of seeds and knowledge was planned and carried out: Sowing Community on the 13th and 14th of October 2018.

Participants include representatives of the Nahuatl people of the State of Mexico, Veracrúz, Puebla, San Luis Potosí and Tlaxcala; Otomies of the State of Mexico; Ñúu Savis de Oaxaca and Mayas de Campeche participate in a ceremony where Fire and Corn come together under the touch of the drum and aroma of the coconut of the Keris of the Purhépecha People of Michoacán. Offering corn pinole and keeping thought, word and action with the same creative energy, with the same purpose: To light our spirits.

Ancient knowledge reminds us that before the word of humans, there was the word of Fire. And at his presence we must be responsible for what we speak because the Fire listens to us and collects all that information to share it. So with this respect offerings are made to fire honoring this legacy knowledge, giving him to eat his logs, corn tortillas, cup and songs to the spirit.

With the touches of the drums and the glow of Fire in the heart begins the learning journey through the plots of the community of Vicente Guerrero, Tlaxcala, admiring that every meter of soil was covered with different crops: Milpas, tomato, pumpkins, maguey and fruit trees guarding the terraces. Such abundance of food made the experience very hopeful.

Tells the story that before the arrival of agroecology to the community, the children were malnourished and in the homes food was missing as even today some of our people live.

The instruction of the selection of the seed was shared from the plot, taking care of the earliest elotes, more resistant to pests and diseases, coming from the plants with better flowering to shorten the cycle of corn cultivation facing the climate change and have more resistant seeds.

Also the cycles of the moon to sow, harvest and do the work of cultivation was a shared knowledge. Prevent soil erosion by the terracing system. Prepare organic fertilizers to nourish not only the corn that we will then eat but the whole Mother Earth.

United as grains of maize in a cob, this meeting created strong ties and deep knowledge, which are seeds to sow in our communities, waiting for the next year to continue sharing seeds and knowledge.

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