Community communication workshop in Saraguro, Ecuador

July 2018

A group of young people from the Kitchwa Nation of Saraguro, seeks to develop communication skills and abilities to serve a largely indigenous population, facing the large communication groups of Ecuador that often exclude them from their media and news.

In the cantonal capital of the province of Loja, is born Sara Tv, Andean Radio and Television Society, led by a group of young people seeking to develop abilities and communication skills in the parish of San Lucas, whose population is 91% of the Saraguro culture and 9% of the mestizo culture.

Being a largely indigenous population, it is often excluded from the large communication groups or simply its customs and traditions are used as investigative means, causing the original cultures to dissipate through globalization and modern technology.

In these circumstances Sara Tv is founded in March 2018 as a means of community communication, to give space to the members of the community to be themselves spokespersons and communicators, using modern communication technologies in various platforms and digital networks Worldwide.

Sara Tv in its launch through the social network Facebook, spread the Pawkar Raymi celebrations in gratitude to the Pachamama and its fruits, one of the four most important festivals in the Andean world and its festive development focuses mainly on the revitalization of their culture and traditions that are still alive. Since then, as an alternative media, we are committed to disseminate our experiences and thus maintain the origin and essence of our people.

On the way to acquire new technological knowledge to help optimize the work, Sara TV has sought support in some foundations, finding Alianza Milpa an ally to carry out this First Community Communication Workshop called “Tandarishpa Yachashun” which in Spanish means “Let’s Learn Together” “, where participants learned techniques of taking photographs and video filming; photo and video editing techniques with digital software; works with logo and brand editing as copyright

Blossoming ritual led by the Yachak Luz Cartuche for the inauguration of the workshop:

Angel Lozano workshop coordinator:

The beauty of the Saraguro culture in a photographic work of the students:

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