Alianza MILPA in the 6th international UN forum about businesses and human rights, Geneva, Switzerland

November 27-29, 2017

The annual United Nations Forum on businesses and human rights is the global platform to examine and exchange information on efforts to put the Governing Principles on business and human rights into to practice. Being the largest meeting in the world on the subject of business and human rights, it offers a unique space for dialogue on the principal human rights issues in the global economy.

The Forum brings together more than 2,000 participants from governments, businesses, community groups, indigenous communities, non-governmental organizations, law firms, investor organisations, United Nation bodies, national human rights institutions, trade unions, academics and the media. For three days, discussions are held on human rights issues related to companies, exchanging ideas and experiences about the best way to respect and protect human rights in a corporate context.

ALIANZA MILPA has participated in this 6th Forum through its coordinators Berenice Sánchez from the Mexico and Central America region, and Calfin Lafkenche from the South region, both contributing their vision and experience. We were also represented through the indigenous CAUCUS (council meeting) to which Mr. Calfin was elected co-president. Our aim was  to request and recommend 15 points to consider with respect the relationship between native communities , businesses and human rights to states, companies and groups of experts.

The indigenous communities stressed and brought to attention the various conflicts and problems that affect them all over the world, especially those caused by the companies, which, in some cases act in complicity with the States. They encroach upon indigenous territories causing death and destruction, profoundly affecting their human rights.

Read the Declaration of the Conclave of Indigenous Communities