We provide technical and financial support to like-minded projects seeking to establish and strengthen their networks. Our aim is  that they achieve operational sustainability and autonomy. In particular, we are interested in working with seed networks in the south, centre, and north of the American continent.


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We work in collaboration with indigenous leaders, communities, organisations and farmers throughout the American continent, through a framework of actions produced annually amongst regional coordinators, on the basis of local experience.

We have created a network of local initiatives which is growing stronger, holding events and exchanges which act as spaces for dialogue and enhanced visibility.


Local empowerment

We support the efforts of indigenous peoples to restore, maintain, and revitalise seed autonomy.

We promote and strengthen knowledge based on the deep connection between territory and spirituality, assisting in the recovery of practices concerning seeds.

We give support to leaders, communities, farmers, and experts who volunteer their traditional knowledge.

We technically and financially support the creation and strengthening of networks of related projects, with the objective that they reach operational sustainability and autonomy, with special emphasis on networks of seeds between south, central, and north America.

We create spaces for supporting and training indigenous leaders and farmers in political advocacy, to assist them in the defence and protection of local seeds and traditional wisdom.


Events and exchanges

We create, facilitate, and support the organisation of meetings and events at local, regional, and international scales, promoting the exchange of traditional wisdom concerning seeds and agroecological cultivation techniques. We work in alliance with guardians of wisdom from all over the American continent.

We also promote meetings at international events, congresses, and conferences, with the intention of creating spaces for discussion of the recognition, empowerment, protection, and spread of traditional wisdom, seeds and land issues.


Regarding communication, we place emphasis on amplifying the voices of others, promoting and disseminating the work accomplished by our allies through the use of written and audiovisual material.


Categories of support:

A) COLLABORATIVE OPPORTUNITIES : Technical and financial support (Our priority) B) FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Without technical involvement.

1) Primera etapa: $3,000 usd
2) Segunda etapa: hasta $7,000 usd
3) Tercera etapa: más que $7,000 usd

As part of the decision-making process for grants, initiatives in need of support must satisfy the objectives of Alianza Milpa.

The peoples, communities, organisations, and indigenous movements involved must fill out our application form.

In the case of needing technical help for this task, the coordinators will facilitate the process.

All applicants must share the results of the project and the lessons learnt through audiovisual media. In the case of not possessing the experience and/or technology necessary for registration, Alianza Milpa can in certain cases lend technical help.


To be indigenous peoples, communities, organisations, and movements, led by indigenous peoples and based in the community.

To have a bank account in the name of an organisation (in the case of legally established organisations), or of one of the members in the case of peoples, communities, or indigenous movements. It is necessary to include certification of internal agreement on the appointment of a representative, with express commitment to use funding exclusively for the authorised project.

The funds cannot be used to help individuals, school applications, university scholarships, legal research, political lobbying, projects which aren’t locally-based, or projects which aren’t led by an indigenous or farming people, community, organisation, or movement. The funding cannot be used for general operation or collection of funds for events.

Alianza Milpa will accept applications continually through the financial year from the 1st of July 2017 to the 31st of June 2017, and will close according to the availability of funds.

Alianza Milpa will accept applications continually through the financial year from the 1st of July 2018 to the 31st of June 2019, and will close according to the availability of funds.



Questions can be sent to the alliance’s email address alianzamilpa@gmail.com or to one of the coordinators of each region:

NORTH REGION – United States:
Tezozomoc +1 (818) 527-63 84
Kaylena Bray +1 (716) 913-4181

Berenice Sanchez (+521) 55 6759 6180

Karen Swift (+593) 99 718 6027
Calfin Lafkenche (+56) 9 9269 5730

Guidelines and instructions



Application form



Presentation of the request

We receive applications for funding in the following ways:

A) In writing

Download the PDF file and complete it. Then send it to the following email address: alianzamilpa@gmail.com

B) In an audio or video format:

Alianza Milpa accepts applications for grants in an audio or video format as an alternative to a written application. The audio or video recording should respond to all of the questions listed in the written application’s instructions. You should describe the challenges faced by the people, community, organization, or indigenous movement and the solutions which they are using to overcome them. You must include various voices of members. The recording should last for a maximum of 10 minutes, please.

Send the audio or video as follows:

We receive applications for funding in the following ways:

  • OPTION 1 – Enter onto Wetransfer.com and send your audio or video file to the address: alianzamilpa@gmail.com.
  • OPTION 2 – Upload the video to youtube.com or vimeo.com (or to another website which you normally use), and send the link to alianzamilpa@gmail.com.
  • Include the name of your town, community, organisation, or indigenous movement, as well as contact details (the telephone number and location of the town, community, organisation, or indigenous movement which presents the video).

The materials that are sent will not be returned. If you have any more questions, please send them to our email address: alianzamilpa@gmail.com.