INTERTWINING THE SACRED. Turtle Island, USA – 2016 – 2017

“Trenzando lo sagrado” (Intertwining all that is sacred) seeks to provide more opportunities for traditional corn growers and seed keepers to bring together and collect seeds, stories, songs and knowledge.

Sharing knowledge about corn forms  a fundamental aspect of traditions inherent in ancestral corn-growing. This is why local meetings have been so important in bringing together corn producers from all over Turtle Island.

These meetings, which very much follow local tradition of conversation and debate, tackle key issues regarding the following areas:

  1. Relationship with corn
  2. Threats to corn
  3. Techniques and knowledge regarding corn cultivation
  4. Legal and political matters with regards corn.

The first meeting was held in May 2016 in the Onondaga Nation with subsequent meetings in Tesuque Community, New Mexico (October 2016), Oneida Nation, Wisconsin (October 2016); Gonandagan, New York (May 2017); Navajo Nation, Shiprock, New Mexico (September 2017) and Osage Nation, Oklahoma.

The “Trenzando lo sagrado” network and local leaders continue to work collaboratively to organise regional meetings. Local leaders offer themselves as volunteers to coordinate and organize meetings in communities.

The Trenzando lo sagrado meetings have brought about an important process of dialogue through which new relationships have been forged and others renewed. Importantly too, new networks are forming both within and between different communities thereby strengthening the sacred connection with corn across Turtle Island.