Champus: Sweet corn beverage, from Saraguro

Mother Carmen Lozano, from the Kichwa Nation of Saraguro, Ecuador, teaches us this traditional recipe. The sweet maize beverage known as “Champus” is traditional and typical of the Saraguros, in the mountains south of Ecuador. It is a ceremonial meal that is performed for special parties. It is very good for children and the elderly because of its fortifying effect. It is indicated for women who are breastfeeding, so they have plenty of milk. And it is also a medicinal food, indicated for people with constipation, eating a large plate on an empty stomach.


It is made based on dry yellow corn known as “morocho” in the region. The dry beans are ground, coarsely ground or medium ground. Submerge the ground in boiled water to soak. The shells that float hover and are removed. Let it ferment in a covered pot for 8 days. Then in a large pot, boiling water is prepared and the fermented corn is added with water and everything, moving while cooking with a wooden stick so that it does not burn. It is added panela to sweeten and cooked for 6 hours, adding boiled water if necessary so it does not dry. Orange leaf is added in the last time. It has a creamy consistency, like laundry and it is eaten with a spoon. To enjoy!