Mexican corn tortilla


The masa of homemade nixtamalized maize is made with dry maize of white, yellow or any other color corn. For each pound of maize (450 g) one liter of water and half a tablespoon of lime (calcium hydroxide powder) is used.


Place the water in a pot and dissolve the lime calcium. Add the maize and cook over a regular fire, stirring with a wooden spoon. When it starts to boil, turn off the fire and cover the pot lot cool and leave soaking in the water overnight. This process of cooking maize with lime is called “nixtamalization”. In the morning or 12 hours later, rinse the maize two or three times, removing the loose skin, until the kernels are quite clean and the water looks clear and transparent. Strain and remove all the water.

Now the maize is ready to grind in a processing machine or metate (traditional Mexican stone mortar carved rectangular shape). Grind maize in small quantities several times until a fine texture is achieved. Add water if necessary. Then knead the preparation achieving a homogeneous mass.

Separate into small balls and flatten ideally a tortilla press, a firm piece of wood such as a cutting board, or your hands. Put the tortilla on a skillet or hot iron, flipping when the masa bubbles up, then flipping again a couple times until ready. Usually takes about 3 minutes— do not use oil, just place as is on the pan.